WMTR Morning Team

Bob "T-Bone" Williams

WMTR Morning Team
Monday Through Friday

Website: http://www.newjerseydj.com

• Hometown and what you like best about it:
Roxbury - It is a nice quiet average town, good schools, nice people, a great sense of community.

• What makes New Jersey a great place to live?
It has something for everyone –Mountains, Beaches, Cities , Suburbs, Farms – Wide open spaces --- and the worst traffic delays in the nation !!

• If you weren’t living here but could live anywhere on earth, where would it be and why?
I really like San Diego California -- The climate is perfect.

• Favorite Classic Oldies from the 50’s
Johnny Ace –“Pledging my Love” ( My wedding song) the 60’s – Diana Ross “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”-The long version. and the 70’s – Tommy James- “Draggin the Line”

• If you could own any classic car what would it be?
1972 Chevy Caprice Classic

• Favorite movie of all time?
“It’s a Wonderful Life”

• Favorite actor?
Jack Nicholson

• Favorite actress?
Donna Reed

• Favorite TV show of all time?

• Favorite food?
My wife’s Meatloaf –and COLD PIZZA

• Favorite desert?
Now you’re making this tough ….. Homemade Blueberry Pie wih a side of Vanilla Ice Cream , washed down with a glass of milk that came from a glass bottle. ---ooooh that’s livin’ !

• Favorite snack food?
Barbeque Potato Chips and Vienna Finger Cookies

• Favorite vacation spot?
Bethany Beach, Delaware

• Favorite thing to do when you are not on the radio?
Spend time with my sons and all of their activities ( I can’t keep up sometimes!) – Boy Scouts, Baseball, Lacrosse-- I try to find time to practice my trumpet – and of course I love to watch the METS games on TV. I like to get to the ballpark at least a few times each season. 

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