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What is the Teachers Who Rock Awards program?
We feel that excellent teachers are not receiving adequate recognition for their important contribution to society. The Teachers Who Rock program will recognize 24 outstanding teachers to receive this prestigious award. These teachers become lifetime members of the Teachers Who Rock Class.

Congratulations to the Class of 2014
Deborah Boylan, Dominic Branda, Anette Brouhle, Carolina Cabezas, Jennifer Carich, Gina Carlucci, Pat Curtis, Latoya Evans, Barbara Froehlich, Jamie Gambuzza, Jaclyn Ginex, Geraldine Koch, Abbe Leff, Mike LeRose, Thomas Leonard, JoAnne Moloughney (ESP), Emilie Peterson, Susan Rebisz, Linda Reese, Cathy Shott, Kathy Toy, Gerald Venturino, Peggy Zappulla, Maryana Kolinchak CLICK HERE TO READ THEIR STORIES




Who is eligible?
Nominated teachers must be full -time classroom teachers at a public or non-public school in North Jersey. For the 2013-2014 school year, teachers must spend the majority of their assignment time teaching students in grades Pre-K –3, Grades 4-8 and 9-12.

How can a teacher be considered for a Teachers Who Rock award?
In order to be considered for a Teachers Who Rock Award, a teacher must first be nominated by a superintendent, principal, co-worker, or parent. A teacher may not nominate himself or herself. The nominating committee will not accept nominations from students. Nominations may be submitted on the WMTR website (www.wmtram.com), via mail or fax. The nomination period will be from November 25, 2013 through March 20, 2014.

Greater Media New Jersey “Teachers Who Rock Committee” will select 24 teachers from the final nominations we receive.  We will announce 2 winners each Friday at 9:20am on the WMTR Morning Show, from December 20, 2013 through March 28, 2014.

What do the winners receive?
Each teacher will be honored at an awards banquet, receive special gifts, banquet tickets, a Class of 2013-2014 Award, and their stories will be read on stage . The awards banquet will take place on Monday, April 28th at the Crystal Plaza.   Cocktail hour begins at 6:00pm. 
For more information contact Annie Rodriguez: arodriguez@greatermedianj.com 


NJEA, In cooperation with school administrators, would like to spotlight some of the great programs that have come out of our local schools. These are programs and events that engage students and highlight the impact teachers can have in a childs future and education.

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