WMTR Personalities

Doo Wop Drive host Friday evenings at 7

• Hometown and what you like best about it:
Clarksburg NJ – allot of horse farms, half hour from the Shore, and really great backroads to drive on.

• What makes New Jersey a great place to live?
All the cool places to hang out – and being so close to NYC & Philly is great for day trips.

If you weren’t living here but could live anywhere on earth, where would it be and why?
Boston – always loved the Red Sox & Pats. Plus the fall foliage in New England is amazing, along with the fresh seafood.

Favorite Classic Oldies from the
o 50’s – Little Bitty Pretty One Thurston Harris & The Sharps/In The Still Of The Night/Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart - Coasters
o 60’s -You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me – the Miracles/Be My Baby - Ronettes/Here In My Heart (Timetones)/No No No - Chanters
o 70’s-Whats Goin On/What Am I Going To Do With You Barry White/Watcha See Is Watcha Get Dramatics/Still In Love With You Al Green

• If you could own any classic car what would it be?
1974 Cadillac Coupe de Ville with the 500 cubic inch V8

• Favorite movie of all time?

• Favorite TV show of all time?
Married…With Children

• Favorite food?
Whatever is free in the WMTR jock lounge.

• Favorite desert?
Chocolate milkshakes

• Favorite snack food?
Lindens butter crunch cookies

• Favorite vacation spot?
Point Pleaseant NJ

• Favorite thing to do when you are not on the radio?
Drive around with the radio cranked and doo wop blaring out of the speakers annoying other motorists.