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1. Employees and the immediate family members and members of the households of employees
of WMTR and advertisers, and their respective parent and affiliated companies, are not eligible
to participate in our contests.

2. All winners must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to participate. Only one (1) winner per
household will be accepted in our contests. For purposes of this contest, “household” shall mean
all persons residing at, or claiming as their principal residence, any single occupancy dwelling or
unit in a multiple occupancy dwelling.

3. No person is eligible to participate in our contests who have won any prize from WMTR with a
value of $25 or greater within the 30-day period prior to the start date of the next contest.

4. Each winner of our contests must claim his or her prize, in person, at the offices of WMTR within
30 days of the end of the contest (unless otherwise noted). Prizes not claimed within such 30-day
period will be forfeited.

5. Each winner of our contests must provide a Social Security Number for tax reporting purposes,
and will be responsible for the payment of any federal, state or local taxes in conjunction with the
award and use of a prize.

6. Each contest winner must sign an agreement releasing WMTR and the contest sponsors from
liability in connection with the operation of the contest, and the award and use of the prize, and
giving WMTR and the contest sponsors the right to use the contest winner’s name, likeness, voice,
biographical information and recorded comments in connection with the advertising and promotion
of the contest and WMTR and sponsors and their business.

7. WMTR undertakes no liability or responsibility, and makes no warranties, express or implied, with
respect to the performance of the prize(s) awarded, for any failure to perform or negligent performance
of any service provider, or for any other risk, incident or damage, direct or indirect, relating to or
arising out of the contest, including (but not limited to) cancellations, postponements, delays or other
scheduling changes; missed events or connections or inability of winner to attend; and accident, injury,
damage or expense arising from or occurring during the use of the prize, or travel to/from or attendance
at any event relating to the contest, by the winner and/or winner’s guest(s). WMTR is not responsible
for damage to a prize or loss of a prize after the prize has been claimed.

8. Any dispute or controversy arising out of or in connection with the administration of our contests shall
be resolved by the management of WMTR, whose decisions are final and binding.

9. WMTR reserves the right to make changes in the contest rules at any time, which changes will become
effective upon announcement.

10. Failure to conform to all contest rules or fraud on the part of a contest participant will result in the
disqualification of such contest participant.

11. WMTR is not responsible for the failure of any telecommunication system or part thereof, or for lost,
late or misdirected contest entries, whether transmitted by mail, by telephone or via the internet.

12. Void where prohibited. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

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